Voice Over

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Film Info

Film Year: 2018

Film Duration: 9 min

Country: Germany

Language: English, German


Emily Manthei, Jörn Linnenbröker

Film Category

Best Comedy (Short)


A noir-ish film scene in Berlin, 1944. Underground resistance fighter Wolfgang gives a beautiful spy, Juliette, an important document to take back to Paris. They’ll never see each other again, but their mission is too important to let feelings get in the way. The scene pauses on Wolfgang as a dubbing director’s voice explains, in German, the plot of the movie to the German voice of Wolgang. But as the German dubber begins to record a new voice and language for Wolfgang’s face, the actor looks into the camera and upsets the entire process. He changes his rhythm and even dialogue to stop the dubbing actor from “stealing” his voice. From now on, the German dubber must work to dodge the English actor’s new mannerisms and catch up to his mouth to earn his place in the movie.