Timonia (тимоня)

Award Winner

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Film Info

Film Year: 2021

Film Duration: 8 min

Country: Russia

Language: Russian


Alexey Belkin & Vsevolod Aljokhin

Film Category

Best Music Video


In one summer day, the “enlightened” lord of the village decides to wash in a bathhouse, but he cannot, since all the peasants have gone to the prohibited village dances. The lord is indignant and calls his efficient worker Timonia to resolve the issue with the bathhouse. During the bath procedures, the lord has poisoned by fumes in the bathhouse to death. But during the funeral, it turned out that the lord pretended to be dead in order to see who would grieve for him and who does not. Timonia exposes the lord’s pretense and dips him in a font of ice water to revive him. After that, everyone, including the lord, goes to the village dances.