The Story of Southern Islet

Award Winner

Film Info

Film Year: 2020

Film Duration: 105 min

Country: Malaysia

Language: Chinese (Mandarin), Malay


Chong Keat Aun

Film Category

Best Cinematographer


Base on director’s true childhood story, narrating the tale of people living in the border of Thailand-Malaysia with encounters of Shamanism. The story unveils in a small village in Kedah at the Thailand-Malaysia border. Set in 1987 at the foot of Mount Keriang, Cheong, a Chinese man and also a devout believer of folk god Datuk Gong. However, the wife thoughts was otherwise on his believe. One day, Cheong accidentally damages his neighbor house while chasing a snake on the shrine of Datuk Gong. Aunty Kaew and Nam was furious. A fight ensues. However, when Nam leaves to get materials to repair his house, he is killed in a crash at the junction by a truck. Thereafter, Aunty Kaew was no longer seen in the village. Cheong falls sick days later and vomits several rusty nails covered in blood. His wife Yan, was told that her husband is under a spell but she brushes it off and insists on a check-up at the hospital. After months of seeking remedy for Cheong, Yan is convinced to consult the village Shaman. The village Shaman refuses to help but instead gives her his ritual tools and guided her as he no longer practices shamanism. Along the journey of truth seeking, Yan encounter a lady while performing a prayer in a cave at Mount Keriang. The lady relates to her the legend of Mount Keriang. Could Cheong’s illness be related to the manifestation of Datuk Gong? Or has he offended the goddess of Mount Keriang? Or could it be Aunty Kaew who has casted a spell upon him? Mysteries surrounded Yan with unknowns yet to be solved.