The President from the North

Film Info

Film Year: 2017

Film Duration: 63 min

Country: Denmark

Language: Danish, English, Somali


Lars Petersen, Jacob Andersen (ideer)

Film Category

Best Foreign Documentary


Can you run as president and create a new and democratic Somalia after 47 years in Denmark? This is exactly what 67-year-old Ahmed Dualeh is planning to do, as he sets course for the country he, more than anything else, wants to help rebuild on the basis of values he has come to appreciate during his time in Denmark. But his dream proves to be far from the everyday reality in Somalia. Resistance is heavy and the victories few. At the same time his own foundation is crumbling under his feet, as he and his family in Denmark are slowly drifting apart. The question is: Can Dualeh let go of his dream of rebuilding the country of his childhood, and what price is he willing to pay?