Poppy Ackroyd Trains

Film Info

Film Year: 2017

Film Duration: 5 min min

Country: United Kingdom

Language: No Dialogue


Jola Kudela

Film Category

Best Music Video


Poppy Ackroyd is a British post-classical composer. Her main instruments are the piano and the violin, but she doesn’t treat them in a classical way. She creates her pieces by sampling sounds, beats and rhythms she generates by tapping the housing and strings of her instruments. She loops and records them, successively adding further layers of sound, until a new orchestral space is achieved. She completes this by adding the clean sound of a classical piano. This process has inspired the narration of my film. The world is seen as a vibration, and everything in it is seen as rhythm and repetition. Nature pulsates, creating a transcendental pulse. As a Demiurge, Poppy responds to the rhythm or creates it herself. Both worlds – elements of nature and the space within her instrument – coexist and filter through each other. This coexistence is reflected in the picture. Life is a journey and the strings, just like railway tracks, mark the direction. The world is enclosed in the piano, and the piano becomes the world. The world vanishes when Poppy stops playing.