Never Stop (Live Version)

Film Info

Film Year: 2016

Film Duration: 4 min

Country: United Kingdom

Language: English


Josephine Halbert

Film Category

Best Music Video


Never Stop (Live Version) is the soundtrack promotional video for radio play ‘Jim’ by Josephine Halbert. The video, produced and directed in 2016 by Josephine, includes footage of the original recording of the live, acoustic version of the song Never Stop, written and performed in this video by singer/songwriter Jonty Balls of band Desert MountainTribe. It is a ‘classic love song’ that filmmaker Josephine commissioned for her play and the brief was to create a timeless song that the play’s fictional main character Jim, a musician, writes for the story’s heroine. The video also includes dramatised scenes inspired by the story of Jim featuring the actors Charlotte Quita Jones and Cesare Taurasi who play the main roles in the audio drama. The play, JIM, tells the story of a ‘rock and roll’ romance set against the backdrop of the psychedelic counter cultural movement in 1968 between a well known American musician and an aspiring young English writer. Jim is the ‘muse’s story’, narrated by the story’s heroine, Laura, and we follow their relationship over a series of her memories of their meetings in California, London and Copenhagen when Jim is on a summer European tour with his band at the height of their fame. It is a story about the mystery and adventure of being young and falling in love and how the experience of such can emotional awakening can never leave us where they find us. The song Never Stop (Live Version) winner of a 2017 Global Music Award, is one of three original songs commissioned for Josephine’s radio project by the London based rock band Desert Mountain Tribe (songs are Leave It Behind, The King and Never Stop) and were recorded and mixed at at Shaken Oak Studios, Oxon, UK in 2014 by recording engineer Arthur Young. The play also includes additional music by Arthur Young. The songs were mastered by Jolyon Thomas and the recordings are produced by Josephine for her own Ammadore Records label which is the rights holder of this video. The music is released and available on the JIM EP by Desert Mountain Tribe on Apple iTunes / Apple Music available at:-