La Pequeña Muerte

Award Winner

Film Info

Film Year: 2022

Film Duration: 7 min

Country: Mexico

Language: Spanish


Pedro Lavin

Film Category

Best Music Video


In this visual poem set in contemporary Mexico, two lovers share an afternoon of passion as an ancient deity from their dreams performs an orgiastic dance that mirrors their ecstasy. The spirit visitor, known only as the Little Death, leads the couple on an oneiric journey of transformation and rapture. Heralded by strange, symbolic visions the trio come to an ecstatic climax; as the walls between reality and fantasy collapse. Like orgasm itself, the spirit’s ritual ends where it began in an infinite cycle of love, life and death. Told through magical realism and Mexican mythology, the film represents a homecoming for filmmaker Pedro Lavín who, with La Pequeña Muerte, returns to his roots to tell a story that is uniquely queer, and singularly Mexican.