Film Info

Film Year: 2023

Film Duration: 75 min

Country: Denmark

Language: Danish


David Krøyer

Film Category

Best Feature Documentary


INTRUDERS is an uncompromising arthouse feature documentary that goes deep into nature with some of the most dedicated people battling invasive species across Denmark. It’s an intimate and meditative journey into the thickets, the dunes and the forests. The battle is seemingly consisting of small repetitive tasks with a Sisyphean character, and the film begs the question; what can we humans do to “protect” the current state of nature from uncontrolled evolution influenced by human activity – and should we? Can nature be controlled? And who is the real intruder… The film is directed by debut director David Krøyer who’s works are demanding yet beautiful and it’s closest reference are documentaries like “Leviathan” and “Our Daily Bread”.