Film Info

Film Year: 2017

Film Duration: 4 min min

Country: Hong Kong

Language: Chinese (Mandarin)


Francis So Kachun

Film Category

Best Experimental


Hong Kong is notorious for its long working hours among other countries and cities in the world. No matter how fast and efficient you are in a company, you can seldom leave the office before sunset. Yet, some people are much worse than that! They have to bring the unfinished duties home as home office. These endless duties have threatened the workaholic to risk. Is this the ideal life that you are expecting? If you are courageous eniugh, try to give yourself a little break; spend some time with nature and be with it. Let nature refresh yourself. Reflect upon the road you have chosen to drive on or you may have unexpected rewards in return. Your future could be much brighter than what you have now! This time, my latest production “Escape” was made by the methods of Timelapse and Hyperlapse. On the one hand, it reflects the seriousness of long working hours and imbalanced city life of most Hong Kong people; on the other hand, the camera brings you to indulge yourself again with the stunning naturalscape. It can calm us down and let our minds relax for a while. These stunning views of Hong Kong perhaps make itself be the best and happiest city in the world.  So why don’t let go yourself from the bustle and hustle then?