Film Info

Film Year: 2017

Film Duration: 89 min

Country: United States

Language: Chinese (Mandarin), English


Heather White, Lynn Zhang

Film Category

Best Foreign Documentary


Winner of 8 international documentary and human rights film festival awards including the top prizes in Paris, Valencia Spain, Sardinia Italy and sold out Lincoln Center and IFC premieres in New York , COMPLICIT has been an Official Selection in over 35 film festivals. The film touches both the heart and growing global concerns about the safety of our electronic devices, smartphones in particular. Shot below the radar in China in the midst of an unprecedented human rights crackdown, the film is a character-driven, inspiring tale of young activists facing huge odds in their effort to reform China’s toxic smartphone factories. Yi Yeting faces seemingly insurmountable challenges, battling to survive occupational leukemia, while helping 39 teenagers – workers from a smartphone factory in a similar situation, poisoned by widely used solvents benzene and n-hexane. Connecting via the internet Yi brings his fight against benzene – from his hospital room, where he helps other workers, to Silicon Valley and the international stage, persuading Apple to ban benzene. The audience takes an 8000-mile journey to the lush countryside where the workers come from, to the world’s mega-sized factory floors. Ultimately an inspiring tale, COMPLICIT shows when courage and commitment meet social media there’s no limit to what one can accomplish – even in authoritarian China.