Bidaya (Beginning)

Film Info

Film Year: 2019

Film Duration: 5 min

Country: Sudan

Language: English


Mai Elgizouli

Film Category

Best Music Video


The story of the video is told in an atypical manner where the focus on the image with unusual visual components and new to the Sudanese audience specifically. Where the video begins with the emergence of the main character (Bride of the Nile)played by the singer and the song writer Hiba Elgizouli, which in turn, narrate topics related to the girl and Sudanese women specifically, where the concept of the story includes two layers. The first is the internal conflict faced by girls in Sudan as a result of different effects such as harmful traditions and concepts that would diminish the capacities of girls and women in Sudan. The second tier, which is specifically shown when listening to lyrics, is a reflection of the events and challenges experienced by women in Sudan under repressive regimes. The video in the way it is produced and presented is an open invitation to think, and reflects in a modern way the aesthetics of our surrounding and also the amuzement and joy of being out of the ordinary, in addition to the lyrics of the video which briefly suggest the desire to hold on to hope despite the difficulties and obstacles and this may appear clearly in the colours used In this work but most of all in the name of the video Bidaya which is an Arabic term means Beginning.