And That’s Called Life

Film Info

Film Year: 2017

Film Duration: 127 min

Country: India

Language: English, Hindi


Keshhav Panneriy

Film Category

Best Foreign Film (Feature)


“And That’s Called Life” is a motivational, inspirational and a very positive film. The story spans the journey of an Author from her childhood till she aged. Starting from a modest family to a world of successful people, the girl sees many phases and relationships around. Every phase in her life is full of challenges but she draws strength from each phase and keeps on moving forward without begrudges or remorse. This story is of evolution and realization of our inherent power. Alia the protagonist is not a crying victim or crusader of woman liberation. There is both a hell and heaven in all of us. It’s entirely up to us what we nurture. Alia finds her way through love and not hatred. She fights with compassion not with revenge. To fight evil, she develops her own angel and she makes a leaving impact on her life as well as others. She strongly relate to this expression, as she believes everyone has inherent courage to be happy irrespective of surroundings. That happiness comes from inner strength and hope. Happiness does not come in a platter but we have to create it. The story touches upon various class gaps in the Indian society portraying the struggle of a lower middle class girl to get good education, and placement in elite society. Her childhood innocent love is crushed but leaves a sweet memory in her heart. She nurtures every sweet moment and weaves it into poetry. As time passes by, the film travels journey from small Indian town of Rajasthan to big city of Mumbai and then to United States of America. We witness a various ethnicity of people, culture and society that is somehow still not fair to women at large, that’s make “And That’s Called Life” different from stereotype women oriented films.