A Family in the Sinkhole

Film Info

Film Year: 2017

Film Duration: 70 min

Country: China

Language: Chinese (Mandarin)


Zubiao Yao

Film Category

Best Feature Documentary


Daguoquan which was a leprosy town, is the biggest sinkhole in Yunnan province, China. It is well-known by outside world through the media. This place is so beautiful just like the heaven. The government there is developing Daguoquan and called on the villagers to do cleaning in order to attract more travellers. Yang Xiuxiang, a local villager, answered that call and eagered to do cleaning. But He Pingxiu, Yang’s mother , became the biggest barrier .She liked to store the rubbish , and raised a pig in the hole. 2016,which was her year of fate, she refused to do cleaning and move the pigpen firmly. On account of a pig, the son and the mother spent an extraordinary year.