My Son (마이썬)

Normal is relative.  A fathe takes care of the 18 year old handicapped son who declares his independence. He can’t take nor turn down his son who wants to live like a normal person at least one day. 

Mekong 2030

MEKONG 2030 is a film anthology, comprising five stories that envision the future of the Mekong River from different cultural perspectives. Set in the year 2030, it aims to both entertain and inspire audiences to actively protect this critical life…

12 Kalpas: a Beginning of Beginning

In one moment prior to creation, at a familiar yet unknown space and time, binary, rationality, biology, and essences are complicated and intertwined. The artist re-imagines scenes from a Southeast Asian Buddhist myth-folktale, Twelve Sisters, which was told to her…

Puppy Love

The true story of a prophetic young dishwasher with brain-damage and a homeless prostitute who are brought together through obscene circumstances and embark on a perverse, yet strangely beautiful journey through the gutter.


When her beloved goldfish brings her into an unexpected journey, what would Puayleng do with her mystic power that comes after she is rescued from suicide attempt.

One Third Of A Second

Ilyas, an expatriate writer who lived most of his adult life in Australia, returns to Turkey in the hope of finding inspiration for his new book. Instead, he ends up having to deal with the breakdown of a relationship and…